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Raptor Force

Raptor Force


One of CEF most kind and elegant prospects we have offered for sale!  Raptor is a 2006 TB gelding with the positive attitude that makes him the most pleasant ride of the day!  He is an incredible jumper and is 
soft and steady on the flat.  He will be competed this month with Laine in the irons and it will be exciting to see his progress and how he loves his new career!  
He comes with a tube of sun block for all the exposed CHROME!!!!!


Absolutely precious 14.3hh 2009 TB gelding that I could not walk by without loading him into my trailer.  He is going to be THE cock of the walk with his Huge attitude and expectations for him are limitless if he loves his new job!  These horses that are small 
RAISE the bar for others.  I am personally excited to see what "Tevo" will offer!


Tevo's 1st x-c school

Luther's In Town

Gorgeous 16hh 2009 TB chestnut gelding with all the potential you could imagine for the serious event rider.  I will post pictures soon.  This prospect is one of the nicest horses I have sat on. 


Luther's In Town

The Big Island 

"Lyle" just completed his 1st Preliminary horse trials with only one rail in stadium and cutting edge clean cross country to finalize a wonderful first time effort at this level!  We are so very proud of him and look forward to the fall season in Area II to close this year with a BANG!!!!  He is offered for sale at $50K.

The Big Island (2011)

"Lyle" has been enjoying Aiken, SC!  Laine has been training him and he has finished 3 Training Level events with progressively lower dressage scores, flawless x-c rounds and rails remaining in their cups in stadium!  He is scheduled for a few more Training events and then look for him to move up to Preliminary by this summer!  

"now there's 2 strides at the H2o"

photo credit

The Big Island (2010)

The Big Island aka "Lyle" @ Woodside Summer HT's with Laine Ashker in his 1st event competing Novice

11/19/2010 Updated pictures of Lyle schooling x-c TR & Prelim

The Big Island is a fabulous 2006 TB gelding who stands a regal 17.2hh and reminds me of the type of horse that is on the British Event team.  He has a steady big step and ground covering stride, he is quiet yet sensitive to the leg and is ready to move up to Training this coming spring with one Novice event behind him after only 4 months off Golden Gate Fields Racetrack!  He is a solid, substantial, yet rangy individual that absolutely looks like he will be going down centerline at KY in 6+ years.  He has 3 lovely gaits as seen on various videos on You Tube. Look under Crows Ear Farm-The Big Island and /or Laine Ashker The Big Island Woodside Horse Trials to view all 3 phases of his performance.  We need this horse on the West coast but I believe he will go East if my daughter has half the chance!  No vices.  Pure and Simply this is a LOVELY horse if you plan on competing at the most serious levels.
Contact Valerie Ashker @ (530) 333-7009 or E mail:



Seajack is a 2002 16.1 hand Chestnut NZ TB Gelding sired by Aberjack.  He is a proven preliminary mount, with multiple top placings up and down the east coast, including a CCI* in Ocala, FL.  He has also run a season of intermediate and is currently qualified for a CCI**.  Would be perfectly suitable for an ambitious YR or Adult Amateur.  No vices.  $40,000 Firm.  Contact Laine Ashker @ (804) 301-5888 or

Paul's Accolades
(update 7/28/11)
Paula has been bred back to Comet Shine and will foal in March 2012!  Look for another stunning CEF prospect to hit the ground 'running' next Spring!

Paula at collected canter
Paula's elegant head and top line

Jockey Club #0042558 is offered for lease as a broodmare to the stallion of your choice!  I have a gorgeous yearling out of her by Comet Shine and he is exactly what I had bred to meet the standards of an CEF event prospect!  "Paula" is a 2000 Florida bred TB mare by Proud and True and due to an racing injury she was never evented.  She is 16.2hh and a spectacular mover with big open floaty gaits.  This mare will pass the elegance and uphill stature for a very special athletic baby. I offer her as a free lease for 2 years in exchange for her impeccable care and to return home in the same condition as she left. Contact Valerie @ (530) 333-7009 or 

Model American
Aka "Mod Squad"
update 7/28/11
Mod is now in VA where he will start a competitive fall schedule at Novice and perhaps Training level to close this season!  He is offered for sale at $20K.

Stunning 2007 TB gelding by Idol American starting Novice in Spring 2011.  3 lovely gaits and quiet temperament.  "Mod" is another example of a serious prospect for Crow's Ear Farm.  He is delightful to work around and has the softest mouth you could ride with your pinkies.  He stands 15.2hh and has no vices.  He is a Barbie doll horse with the GO attitude of GI Joe!  There is nothing complicated about this horse.  He is simply a class individual and the Sky is the Limit with this one. You can get on this link to see him stadium jump school.   
Mod's 1st show Novice Seneca HTs 9/4/11

7/30/12 Aff is on Lease thru this Fall
update 7/28/11
Aff is now in VA and will begin his fall Novice season in August/September.  Look for another incredible event prospect from CEF as he embarks on what we hope a world class future!  He is offered for sale at $15K.  

'Aff' is a 2005 TB gelding off the track this fall and is coming along lovely in his training to be a premier event prospect.  He is incredibly light on his feet and I have yet to ride a horse with a softer mouth.  He is lovely to be around and is wonderfully brave on the trails.  This is a very trusting individual.  I really like this horse and believe he will mature to be one of our 'easiest' yet competitive rides!